Drink Fruit Juice In Packing Does Not Benefit Health

Drink Fruit Juice In Packing Does Not Benefit Health

Drink Fruit Juice In Packing Does Not Benefit HealthThe rise of fruit juice packaging factory-made factory in the market to make a lot of consumers choose to buy and mengonsumsinya with more practical reason. But whether drinking fruit juice can be healthy and the same benefits as we drink fresh fruit juice?

“The packaging juice lasts longer, but it takes a process. The natural vitamins and fibers in them can be damaged. The original fruit is processed, fitokemikalnya also lost, “explained Clinical Nutrition Specialist Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono MSc Ms. SpGK, as reported by page okezone.com, Thursday (13/7/2017).

So even though it is written on the label that there is the original vitamin and fiber content, it is likely that everything is damaged in the process of making and preserving it.

If even given an additional by the factory, then certainly not that natural. Benefits and benefits are certainly not the same as the original fruit that processed itself into juice and immediately drunk.

Doctor Fiastuti also suggested that when processing juice with juicer, useful fiber that should not be thrown away. Precisely the fiber is needed by the body for the process of digestion.

“The truth is to drink the juice that is blended and immediately drunk when freshly processed. The fiber can, as well as vitamins and minerals, “he said.

Packaging juice has even got the addition of artificial sweeteners that make it taste much sweeter than fresh fruit juice. This can also increase blood sugar levels, and not recommended for diabetics.

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