Some Types Of Foods Cause Sleepy, Myth Or Fact

Some Types Of Foods Cause Sleepy, Myth Or Fact?

Some Types Of Foods Cause Sleepy, Myth Or FactSome foods are often used as a scapegoat that causes sudden sleepiness, such as swamp cabbage if in the country. In Western countries, they generally blame roast turkeys for the unbearable drowsiness.

The question is, is it true that certain types of foods do have the effect of triggering drowsiness? Or just myths and beliefs?

It could be assumed that there is a substance called amino acid L-tryptophan in turkey. But it turns out in the egg whites, cod, as well as sweet pumpkin seeds and pork is also the same substance even with a larger amount.

In fact, this type of food does not actually trigger a soporifik effect (sleeping pills).

L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid needed by the body for the function of neurotransmitters. This is a function that many associated with feelings of happiness and sleepiness.

Another fact, if you take a drug that contains tryptophan then you will easily sleepy and sleep soundly. It was based on the results of the study before 1986.

A recent study in 2002, it was revealed that the decrease in tryptophan levels in the body will make sleep quality decrease. What needs to be emphasized from the study is that the tryptophan that is present in the diet, and which is made to be a drug is a different substance. In food, tryptophan is not alone.

In foods there is also a large neutral amino acid content or LNAA that competes with tryptophan influence to influence the brain. This is what makes sleeping effect not as devastating as the myth that is developing today.

Sleepy drowsiness after eating certain foods, may not be due to food. But because your body is tired, need rest, and full. (BBC)

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