Rare Facts, Twins Born with Different Skin Colors

Rare Facts, Twins Born with Different Skin Colors

Rare Facts, Twins Born with Different Skin ColorsA pair of twins with different skin colors were born in the Quincy, Illinois, United States region. They were named Kalani and Jalani by Whitney Meyer and Tomas Dean, both parents. Although the color of the skin is different, but their faces have similarities. Moreover, both are the same sex, namely women.

These twins did have two parents of different races, his mother was white and his father was black. Kalani mimics his mother’s genes, while Jalani inherits the genes of his African-African father. Although different skin color, but their DNA is the same.

The existence of these rare twins became viral in cyberspace after their parents uploaded their photos in April 2016. The fact of the event was eventually discussed by the population geneticist from the University of Edinburgh, Jim Wilson.

According to Wilson, the possibility of different twins skin color that can occur one compared to 500 births of parents with different races.

These twins are generally called dizygotic twins or derived from different eggs. Each embryo gets a different gene, one from his father and one from his mother. Which is dominant, that’s what will grow more prominent.

In the case of different twins of this skin color, the dominant genes that grow and develop from each embryo are different. The result they have different skin color and eye color.

Another type of twin is derived from an egg, called monozygotic (identical twins). Usually they will have a very similar face because it comes from one split egg.

“They are the same girl, just different skin color. We should love both, and love all people regardless of skin color, “said the mother, Meyer to the Today page.

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