Do not Let Children Sit With This Position On The Floor

Do not Let Children Sit With This Position On The Floor

Do not Let Children Sit With This Position On The FloorChildren have a very flexible body, so they can play and work with a flexible position. Actually it is good for the development of his body, as long as it does not affect bone growth in the wrong direction.

For example, in the sitting position of children on the floor, when their knees bend to the outside. This sitting position will form the letter W when viewed at a glance. If you see a child sitting on the floor with legs like this, you should immediately be banned from becoming a habit.

Why is that? Because of the habit of sitting on the floor with both knees bent outwards can affect the growth of leg bones of children.

From the page, children will feel comfortable sitting in the W position. Even toddlers too many who have been able to do so because this position makes them not easy to fall back.

Though the danger that can arise is a serious orthopedic problem for their development. The child may experience delays in the development of postural control and stability of the body. They can also experience obstacles to motor skills.

Child’s leg growth can be like the letter ‘X’ and it makes the way the way is not normal.

Sitting with that position can also trigger muscle thickness problems and cause pain later in life.

Great pressure is experienced by the hips, knees, as well as the ankle as the child sits resembling the letter W.

So you should forbid and prevent the child from sitting in such a foot position for his own health.

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