How To Maintain Spine To Stay Healthy and Comfortable

How To Maintain Spine To Stay Healthy and Comfortable

How To Maintain Spine To Stay Healthy and ComfortableThe spine is very important for human function. If you feel any pain or discomfort with the bone, immediately make sure that your daily habits are right for his health.

There are many activities that are quite vulnerable to spinal health. For example lifting heavy objects, sitting in front of the work table for too long, driving a vehicle, even improper sleep position can affect the bones of the body buffer.

To keep your spine healthy and comfortable, here are 4 easy ways:

The right sitting position

A comfortable chair should help support the spine well. Usually the position of lumbar support (waist) and sleeve support, is on the work chair. Seats that can rotate it is highly recommended that you do not have to twist your body while picking something up.

Use a lightweight bag

Do not force the backbone to support a heavy load. Use a lightweight bag, or use a wheeled bag. Thus the condition can be maintained and healthy.

While driving, take the best position

If you have to sit for a long time, use a pillow to support your back so as not to stiffen. Occasionally stretch your back so that the blood flow remains smooth. Rest within the span of a few hours on the trip, highly recommended. Pillows for bedding also need to be considered, as a vibration damper.

Sleeping position

Sleeping position on your side, followed by bending your knees toward your chest. Pillows used should make the head position parallel to the spine. Do not use the pillow too high until the neck is bent.

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