It's The Dangers of Eating Pork

It’s The Dangers of Eating Pork

It's The Dangers of Eating PorkFor Muslims, eating pork becomes a ban. But behind the salt pigs were also there is a wisdom to prevent someone from health risks. Pigs are known to be animals that host a number of seeds, including worms, viruses, and bacteria.

Quoted Okezone page from Boldsky, there are various adverse effects of eating pork. Here are some of them:

Trigger Hepatitis E. There are various types of hepatitis. The best known types are Hepatitis A, B, and C. While for Hepatitis E can be transmitted one of them through pigs. In flesh and liver pigs are known to contain hepatitis E virus. People infected with this virus show symptoms of inflammation in the heart, muscle diseases, blood disorders to feel the pain of the joints. This disease is also harmful to the fetus if experienced by pregnant women.

Bring up multiple sclerosis. This is an autoimmune disease. A person’s immunity attacks his or her own body and affects the nervous system. The sufferer has difficulty moving. Blurred vision, muscles become stiff and numb. The body of a pig is a pathogen that can attack the nervous system and lead to multiple sclerosis.

The risk of liver cancer. In pigs there is a high amount of fat that is not soluble. Such fats affect liver function. If the consumption of pigs carried out routinely feared can lead to liver cancer.

Worms. In the body of pigs there are many worms, such as tapeworms. This worm easily move places either through the liquid, dirt, until the meat. Be careful when deciding to eat pork.

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