Is the mole that fills the skin surface dangerous?

Is the mole that fills the skin surface dangerous?

Is the mole that fills the skin surface dangerous?Moles can add a person’s sweet appearance, when grown in certain body parts. But what if the state of the mole so much to meet the surface of the skin to trigger anxiety. Is it safe or dangerous?

A Miss Malaysia election contestant named Evita Delmundo is experiencing such a rare condition. On the surface of his skin, visible dozens or even hundreds of different size sizes of moles. In the face is no exception, the birthmark was adorning the beautiful face in various places.

From the medical side, the condition experienced by Evita is called Giant Congenital Nevus. This condition is very rare, even there is only 1 percent of the sufferers of the entire human population.

Although not dangerous, but if the mole is enlarged and widened then it must be wary. Reported by Medline Plus page, if the children have started experiencing the growth of the mole that is not fair, then you should be vigilant because it can develop into skin cancer at the time of adult.

Suspected there are genetic factors that cause the occurrence of the disorder. Other causes exist but the percentage is small.

In addition to developing into cancer, the condition of a mole that fills the skin can also be an indication of a brain problem. That’s because doctors often encounter cases of neurological disorders in people who have Giant Congenital Nevus.

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