Signs of Women Are in The Fertile Period

Signs of Women Are in The Fertile Period

Signs of Women Are in The Fertile PeriodWomen turned out to show special signs when in the fertile period. However, it is often unnoticed by the people around him. For example, the cheeks that turn into redness when entering the most fertile period. The color change is so subtle and so vague it looks that no one notices it.

The change in the color of the cheeks revealed when researchers in the UK took 22 photos of women every day for a month. After analyzing the photo, the researchers found the woman’s face became redder at the time of ovulation.

“This is the first study that convinces that a woman’s face turns redness during the menstrual cycle,” said researchers from Northumbria University in the UK, Robert Burriss was quoted as saying by Live Science.

According to researchers, there is no change in the facial lighting of women’s faces, but visible changes in face color. Redness in the cheeks of women increases in the days before ovulation and still appears in the next few periods. Then the reddish color slowly disappears quickly after the woman begins to menstruate.

According to Burris, reddish cheeks may make men see women’s faces become more attractive when women ovulate. However, in a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, no one noticed the change when women entered the fertile period.

Previous research has shown that men see women more attractive because there is a change in the sound and also the smell of the female body when ovulating. The current study investigated whether changes in the color of women’s faces during ovulation also caused men to be more interested.

Apparently, for men, reddish facial skin will also make women more attractive. According to researchers, reddish face shows good health and looks younger.

Some other studies even show, women will become more flirtatious when the fertile period. However, it is only shown in men that they find attractive. Other studies have also found, women who enter the fertile period will choose clothes more attractive, such as red.

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