Alert Preeclampsia in The First Pregnancy

Alert Preeclampsia in The First Pregnancy

Alert Preeclampsia in The First PregnancyPreeclampsia is high blood pressure in pregnant women and excess protein levels in the urine. Blood pressure Pregnant women with preeclampsia are usually above 130/90 (normal 120/80).

But pregnant women just called Preeclampsia when the age of pregnancy has stepped on 20 weeks to the top. Preeclampsia usually occurs in the first pregnancy. The exact cause of Preeclampsia is not known until now. Allegedly due to the condition of placenta that is not embedded properly, lack of oxygen or no interference in the mother’s blood vessels.

In addition, dietary factors may also cause Preeclampsia in pregnancy. Lack of calcium in the body Pregnant women who can cause increased blood pressure that leads to Preeclampsia . Calcium can help keep blood vessels and keep blood pressure normal. Similarly, protein deficiency, excessive protein, fish oil, vitamin D and other dietary factors also serve as the cause of Preeclampsia.

Obesity is also touted as another cause of Preeclampsia. The high body mass index associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and insulin resistance, can affect the inflammatory system.

To prevent Preeclampsia, women planning to become pregnant should regularly perform health checks. Health checks that must be done are high blood pressure checks and other health checks such as diabetes, lupus, thyroid, and kidney.

When pregnant, pregnancy checks need to be done more often, at least once a month. Also eat nutritious foods and reduce consumption of salt, fatty foods, and adequate rest. Do not take any medication. Ask your doctor for the dosage to stay awake and not harm the fetus.

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