4 Signs of Friendship Have Changed To Love

4 Signs of Friendship Have Changed To Love

4 Signs of Friendship Have Changed To LoveThere is rarely a friendship between men and women that does not lead to a sense of love, comfort, and a sense of belonging. It could be your male friend who has the feeling or just the opposite.

For you women who have male friends, it’s good to know the signs that your beloved friend has put a sense. Here are some of these signs as quoted from the site Dating Tips Match on Friday, May 21, 2017.

1. Contacting first for no reason

According to expert advice on eHarmony and relationship consultation, Rori Ray, if you want to know that someone is interested in you, stop calling or texting first if there is no urgency.

Someone who wants to establish a relationship more than a friend will contact you first, which is not only rarely for stale. If all this time you are more often contact him first, there’s nothing wrong if you setop do that.

2. See body language

A man who only wants friendships is unlikely to often touch you beyond a friendly pat on the back. Try an experiment, if you stand up and talk and she leans forward, leaning slightly, that’s a sign she has a taste for you.

3. Standby

A man who is interested in being a special person in your heart, will always be ready to help you. For example, help you fix something broken at home or hold the door for you.

4. Talking about you when you’re not around

Your male friend talks about you together with his friends, as well as in his family secretly, chances are he wants a relationship more than a friend.

This is a bit difficult, because you will never know if not often come to his house or just hanging out with his friends.

Friendship that has long established can lead to love.

By Michelle Tania

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