This Hormone Can Provide Maternal Comfort During Labor

This Hormone Can Provide Maternal Comfort During LaborGentle birth is a labor term that the process is done quietly and without drama. This delivery is done with attention to the needs of the mother and provide comfort. The goal is to minimize the pain and reduce the trauma experienced by the mother during labor.

In Indonesia, gentle birth is pretty much done that is water birth or give birth in the water. Although doing water birth is not recommended by the Indonesian Midwives Association, but water birth can be done when women are in the process of stage 1 childbirth. More details read: At What Stage Water Birth Can Be Done?

This is done to provide comfort, relaxation and reduce pain when women experience contractions.

“Giving support to women who want to give birth, especially psychological support is very important, because if you get enough support, adequate comfort and served with the heart, women will be easier to undergo labor,” said Dr. Emi Nurjasmi in the peak of birthday celebration of Indonesian Midwife Association on Wednesday at Grand Mercure Hotel, Central Jakarta.

Dr. Emi Nurjasmi further explained, in the process of childbirth there is a working hormone, the hormone oxytocin.

“Through the comfort and psychological support of the production of oxytocin hormone can be increased which helps the smoothness of the birth process.This can stimulate the mother to give birth optimally,” he concluded.

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