What Happens to the Body When Swallowing Chewing Gum

What Happens to the Body When Swallowing Chewing Gum

What Happens to the Body When Swallowing Chewing GumAs a childhood, when accidentally swallowing gum, not a few of us who feel panic. Various myths and stories circulate around the dangers of swallowing gum.

Starting from the new will come out seven years later, make the gut sticky, until it will not be able to defecate again. The myth was sounded excessive, but enough to make curious. What exactly happens in the body when we swallow chewing gum?

Release Buzzfeed, who spoke with gastroenterology specialist Dr Lisa Ganjhu, DO, a medical chief lecturer at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, to try to find out what happens to the digestive system when candy Rubber swallowed, and whether this is really dangerous.

According to Dr. Ganjhu, chewing gum will enter the body just like all other foods. Only, they will not be completely digested.

“Our digestive system is very strong, if they can digest steaks, then this system can also digest chewing gum,” says Dr. Ganjhu. So strong gastric movements along with acids and enzymes can still decipher the gum in the abdomen.

The difference is, the base of chewing gum will not completely decompose totally because of the chemical content in it. The content in it will not be absorbed into the small intestine like most other foods, Dr Ganjhu explains.

“Once they enter, chewing gum will come out like any other food, there is no specific time span because the motility of each person’s digestive system is different,” he said.

But still, experts advise not to swallow chewing gum. But the reason is not because it can not be digested.

“Chewing gum really does not have any nutrients, so most health experts will advise you not to swallow it,” says Dr. Ganjhu.

After all, the purpose of chewing gum is to enjoy the taste until it runs out, then discarded. “Chewing gum will not harm you, but it does not make sense to accidentally swallow it,” he went on.

You also really can not swallow gum in bulk at once. They can get caught in the air pipe and make you choke. This will also happen to other foods that are swallowed in large quantities.

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